Soulja Boy Changing Up His Image: “Promise Positive Image For Kids”

What is this fool talking about, you know someone wrote this for him cuz he didn’t even graduate high school to sound this professional….I’m J/K….this kid is very smart and he knows that his audience is very young so I’m pretty sure his label must have pressured him into doing this because of th whole Charles Hamilton beef.

In case you missed it….

Check out what Scarface said to YoRaps about Soulja Boy….

, “I think Soulja Boy had a brilliant idea, what he did with it was great. He took what he had and made money from it.”

“I think it’s bullshit, it discredits the whole Hip-Hop movement when you resort to ringtone rapping. It’s not respecting the game, it’s disrespecting it. I think the internet, Black radio and big record companies are hurting Black music.”

Full Interview

~ by playmakerz123 on December 18, 2008.

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