Billboard Album Review: Common – “Universal Mind Control”

Make sure you buy this album, I heard it and its fiya. Check out Billboard’s opinion on the album and let us know if you feel the same way…..


Common-universal mind control.jpg

Common - Universal Mind Control

Everything’s wacky in Chicago hip-hop these days: Kanye West is all mopey and contemplative, while Common has just landed on Planet Rock. “This is that new shit/It don’t feel the same,” goes the hook to the title track of the rapper/actor’s latest, which, in its employment of the entire soundtrack from the Atari 2600 edition of “Super Breakout,” sets the tone for a synthetic, sexified club record that’ll bring in new fans while probably alarming old ones. As was the case with John Legend, who beamed into the club on his latest, the initial effect is jarring, even in its star’s capable hands. But it also settles in nicely. “Announcement” benefits from a slinky beat that lets the MC breathe, “Make My Day” issues some California love courtesy of Cee-Lo, “Gladiator” is a great old-school brag rhyme, and the pro-Obama preacher “Changes” lets the old Common back in the door. Common’s been around long enough to earn this kind of detour (even if he already took one with the trippy “Electric Circus”), and it must be frustrating having all the acclaim in the world but not all the sales. All of which makes “Universal” an interesting spin, even if it requires adjusting for those who used to love him. —Jeff Vrabel 

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~ by playmakerz123 on December 14, 2008.

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