Trick Trick Shows Off Young Berg’s Bling Bling!

Trick Trick speaks out Young Berg’s allegedly beat-down and robbery. That chain does look a lot like Young Bergs’.


~ by playmakerz123 on August 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Trick Trick Shows Off Young Berg’s Bling Bling!”

  1. Listen bitch…you may have a chain. You may not even know what it means. I think it means anyone wearing it is a fucking prince. R you a Prince now? I guess your Royalty now with your new chain huh? Na…you cant fucking be Royalty. Look more like a fucking corn ass wannabe jockin some real shit. Give the chain back or itll curse your fucking ass and be like meat to the wolves who see it. Peace bitch

  2. Why you gotta hate he aint gettin his bitch ass chain back he can forget about it. Plus if he wouldn’t have said nithin he would still have it. He can get another one dats what he get for talkin all dat shit in da first place. His bitch ass should be lucky he aint dead.

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